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Tumble Blast Machines


Bronco’s Signature Line

Tumble-Blast-Machine Bronco

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Bronco Tumble Blast Machine Sizes

Tumble Blast
3.5 Cubic Foot

600 lbs Max Load Size

Standard Dimensions:
11’5”H x 4’11”W x 5’10”D

1/2″ Heavy-Duty Mill Belt

10 HP Bronco Blast Wheel

Tumble Blast
6.5 Cubic Foot

1,200 lbs Max Load Size

Standard Dimensions:
14’6”H x 7’6”W x 5’7”D

3/4″ Heavy-Duty Mill Belt

20 HP Bronco Blast Wheel

Tumble Blast
14 Cubic Foot

2,000 lbs Max Load Size

Standard Dimensions:
15’9”H x 7’10”W x 6’10”D

Cross-Rigid Mill Belt

30 HP Bronco Blast Wheel

Bronco Tumble Blast Machine
Standard Specs

Tumble Blast Cleaning Times
  • Heat treat scale: 3 to 5 minutes
  • Forging scale: 3 to 7 minutes
  • Die cast or stamped parts: 3 to 4 minutes
Mill Belt
  • Heavy-duty mill belt
  • Custom drain hole sizes and cleats available
  • Mill jam protection
Machine Controls
  • Intuitive touch screen controls
  • NEMA 12 enclosure
  • Programmable timers and maintenance reminders
Bronco Blast Wheel
  • 1/2″ manganese housing
  • High-performance motor
  • Long life cast liners
  • No springs, blade blocks, or pins
  • Tool-free access doors and debris screens
  • Swing-out rear doors for easy maintenance access
  • Customizable recipe control
  • Auto-set abrasive control valve
  • VFD blast wheel
  • Automatic abrasive adder
  • Rotary screen


Innovative touchscreen controls optimize productivity and ensure easy custom programming and trouble-free operations.

A thicker belt comes standard in all Bronco Tumble Blast machines to reliably handle the smallest parts and avoid jamming.

Bronco engineers can tailor a fully integrated tumble blaster to your specific parts, production needs, and plant layout.

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Take advantage of expert onsite training, videos, and additional resources for safe, user-friendly blast cleaning operations.

Prolong Bronco equipment life, fine-tune efficient operations, and reduce costs with regularly scheduled maintenance.

Leasing, rental, and financing options for Bronco blast cleaning machines are available.

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