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Replacement parts

All of our replacement parts are built Bronco Tough. Order now.

Bronco-Certified replacement parts

As the only OEM for Bronco blast cleaning equipment, we understand that equipment reliability is non-negotiable for operators. That’s why we recommend replacing worn blast machine parts with genuine Bronco-certified components.

From tune-up kits and liners to blade sets and mill belts, all Bronco-certified replacement parts guarantee OEM-level quality, performance, and cost-effectiveness while safeguarding your equipment’s efficiency and lifecycle. For original quality and reliability, Bronco is your trusted source for replacement parts.


The bronco-certified parts advantage


As the original manufacturer, Bronco replacement parts meet strict specifications and quality standards for fit, performance, and durability.

Every Bronco replacement part integrates seamlessly with existing Bronco equipment, delivering consistent throughput and eliminating compatibility concerns.

Tailored specifically for your Bronco machine, Bronco replacement parts ensure excellent functional life compared to generic aftermarket parts.

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Bronco stocks most replacement parts on-site, not through a third party, and orders typically ship within 24 hours.

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Purchase directly from Bronco to take advantage of quick turnaround times for installations, machine restarts, and reduced downtime.

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Bronco experts can provide technical guidance on parts selection and installation to ensure the optimal service life of your Bronco cleaning equipment.

Need Bronco-certified
Replacement Parts?

Bronco-certified replacement parts are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Below are some of our top sellers. Don’t see your part on the list? No problem. As the Bronco OEM, we have what you need. Contact us for assistance.

Blade Sets

B-495 Blade Set (Long)

Bronco Replacement Parts - Blades


A-562-2 — Long End Liner, Extra Long (Bronco Wheel Assy)

A-562 — Long End Liner (Bronco Wheel Assy)

223306 — 12×12 Cabinet Liner (with Hole)

C-653 — Top Curved Liner (16″ Bronco Wheel Assy)

B-972 — Front Side Liner, Cast (16″ Bronco Wheel Assy)

B-988 — Back Side Liner, Cast (16″ Bronco Wheel Assy)

Mill Belts

A-295-111 — Bronco 6.5 Cu/Ft TB Heavy Mill Belt
(1/4″ Holes, Cleats)

A-295-121 — Bronco 6.5 Cu/Ft TB Heavy Mill Belt
(1/4″ Holes, No Cleats)

A-2876-122122 — Bronco 14 Cu/Ft TB Mill Belt
(1/4″ Holes, No Cleats, V-Guide, Hi-Temp)

A-1747-652121 — Bronco 3.5 Cu/Ft TB Mill Belt
(1/8″ Holes, Cleats, V-Guide)

A-295-112 — Bronco 6.5 Cu/Ft TB Mill Belt
(1/4″ Holes, Cleats)

A-295-312321 — Bronco 6.5TB Mill Belt
(3/16″ Holes, Cleats, V-Guide, Grade 1)

A-2876-112221 — Bronco 14 Cu/Ft TB Mill Belt
(1/4″ Holes, Cleats, CR, V-Guide)

A-2876-112221-Euro/G — Bronco 14 Cu/Ft TB Mill Belt
(1/4″ Holes, Cleats, CR, V-Guide) (Euro-Style and G-Style Alternating Cleats)



A-326 — 20 HP Blast Wheel Motor, C-Face
(Cut, Drilled & Tapped)

Tune-Up Kits

Each tune-up kit contains a Blade Set, Control Cage, Impeller, Impeller Bolt, Lock Washer, Seal, and Feed Spout.

TK-16985 – Tune-Up Kit (49 Degree)

TK-15900 – Tune-Up Kit (70 Degree)

TK-16611 – Tune-Up Kit (82 Degree CCW)

TK-16371 – Tune-Up Kit (70 Degree)

Bronco Tune-up Kit

Wheel Housing & Assembly

16UDD20 – 16″ Bronco Wheel Assy, Complete (20 HP)

16UDD30 – 16″ Bronco Wheel Assy, Complete (30 HP)

414370 – Impeller Motors

414371 – Control Cage (70 Degree CW & CCW)

A-325-178-B – Wheel Hub, 1-7/8″ Bore (No Taper Lock)

B-999 – Control Cage Adapter (16″ Bronco Wheel Assy)

C-624 – Bare Wheel (16″ Bronco Wheel Assy)

16DD-MN – 16″ Bronco Wheel Housing (MN) Includes Housing, Cover, Access Plate, Access Plate Liner and Control Cage Adapter


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