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UDD Blast Wheel

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Bronco UDD Blast Wheel

Bronco continues its legacy of direct drive airless shot blast wheel innovation with the UDD Blast Wheel, delivering unparalleled value in high-performance cleaning, heavy-duty design, and ease of use.

Available in 3 standard UDD wheel assemblies and motor output options between 7.5 HP and 75 HP, the Bronco UDD Blast Wheel optimizes productivity by significantly reducing cycle times compared to other blast wheels on the market. The Bronco UDD Blast Wheel is engineered to reduce maintenance requirements, prolong parts life, and simplify assembly, setting the standard for blast cleaning power and efficiency.

Bronco Blast Wheel

Bronco Products and Services

Bronco-Maximize Productivity-Icon

Faster line speeds, reduced cycle times, and shortened equipment downtime drive gains in productivity.

Bronco-Simplified Operations-Icon

Easy to service, maintain, and install, the Bronco UDD Blast Wheel boasts a low parts count and eliminates unnecessary complexity.

Bronco-Long Life Parts-Icon

Heavy-duty design and rigorous testing extend the wear life of wheel parts, including tune-up kit components, liners, and motors

Bronco-Training and Support-Icon

Take advantage of expert onsite training, videos, and additional resources for safe, user-friendly blast cleaning operations.


Prolong Bronco equipment life, fine-tune efficient operations, and reduce costs with regularly scheduled maintenance.

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Leasing, rental, and financing options for Bronco blast cleaning machines are available.

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UDD Blast Wheel

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