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Multi-Table blast machines

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Bronco Multi-table blast machines

Bronco Indexing Multi-Table Blast Machines provide an ideal solution for continuous production and short cycle times. The operator loads and unloads one satellite table while another satellite table is processed. When blasting is complete, the main table indexes all four satellite tables to the next position, and the process repeats.  

Bronco Indexing Multi-Table Blast Machines are built tough and designed to last. Our commitment is uncompromising – to manufacture long-lasting, heavy-duty blast cleaning equipment tough enough to earn the Bronco name.

Bronco Products and Services

Multi-Table design enables continuous production with one table blasting while operators load/unload others.

From blast wheel options to table sizes and capacities, Multi-Table blast machines can be customized to clean unique challenges.

Bronco Multi-Table Blast Machines are engineered with rotating tables to provide 100% evenly distributed blasting.

Take advantage of expert onsite training, videos, and additional resources for safe, user-friendly blast cleaning operations.

Prolong Bronco equipment life, fine-tune efficient operations, and reduce costs with regularly scheduled maintenance.

Leasing, rental, and financing options for Bronco blast cleaning machines are available.

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Bronco Multi-table blast machine standard specs

Blast Chamber Capacity
  • Available in 14, 20, 24, 26, and 36-inch table diameters
  • Table capacities from 100 to 500 pounds
  • Multiple blast wheel configurations
Part Handling
  • Four Station, indexing satellite design
  • Manganese tables
  • Work tables rotate to ensure 100% coverage
  • Table fully exposed for overhead loading/unloading
Machine Controls
  • Touch screen controls
  • NEMA 12 enclosure
  • Programmable timers and maintenance reminders
Bronco Table Blast Smart Control Panel Technology
  • Tool-free access doors and debris screens
  • Replaceable cabinet liners
  • Easily serviceable external spinner mechanism
Bronco Blast Wheel
  • 1/2″ Manganese housing
  • Long life cast liners
  • Multiple motor horsepower available
  • Target lock to locate control cage
  • No springs, blade blocks, or pins
Material Handling
  • Gravity slope directs spent media to elevator boot
  • Centrifugal discharge elevator belt with cast buckets
  • Customizable recipe control
  • Auto-set abrasive control valve
  • Full automation available for robotic system integration
  • VFD blast wheel
  • Automatic abrasive adder
  • Rotary screen

Multi-Table Blast Machine

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